For Academic Clients

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What We Offer
We offer assistance on many aspects of quantitative research, including the following:

  • Identification and quantification of research questions appropriate for study goals
  • Survey and experimental design
  • Determination of proper methods of statistical analysis
  • Review of research proposals
  • Sample size and power analyses
  • Advice on data collection
  • Data management
  • Statistical analyses
  • Interpretation and review of results and discussion

We can provide assistance ranging from advising on the above to performing statistical analyses and writing a personalized report to help you understand your results. Students, please note that we do not write your dissertation for you--our goal is to give you a deep understanding of the quantitative portions of your research that will allow you to confidently complete your own work.

The Meeting Process
When you are ready to request a meeting, please fill out the consultation request located here. Once we receive your request, we will typically contact you within 1-2 business days. If you are going to be in the Athens, Georgia area you are very welcome to meet with us in our office. If not, we can meet with you by phone or through web conferencing software (such as Skype). We may invite you to share computer screens with us through WebEx if it appears it might be helpful. Once we connect, we will ask you questions about your research project to be sure we have an understanding of your goals, and discuss how we can help you to reach them. Once we are all comfortable with the project, we will determine together the best way to proceed. We may work with you one-on-one over a series of meetings, or we may work independently and check in with you by email as needed--or we may use a combination of strategies that best suits your needs. Every project is different, and we strive to provide individualized working arrangements that meet each client's goals.

Rates and Payment
Our current rate for academic collaboration is $100/hour, rounded to the nearest 15 minutes.

We do not offer free statistical advice or analyses, but we do not charge for time that we spend learning about your project and goals. We want to ensure that we are a good match for your needs before requiring payment. We will be clear when we are charging for our time; you should never be surprised by an invoice. If your project requires extended work outside of meetings, we will provide you with an estimated maximum cost prior to starting work, and will request your approval should we need to exceed that amount. We understand that you are working on a budget, and we will work with you to make you comfortable with both the costs and the outcomes of our collaboration.

Full payment is typically due at the time a project is completed. Some projects may require a down payment before work begins. In the case of extended projects and regular discussion of multiple projects, we may request to send invoices monthly. We can accept cash (if meeting in person), check, credit, or debit.

We currently have access to SPSS and R, but if you prefer to work with different software, please let us know! We also have expertise in SAS, JMP, Minitab, and STATA.

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