8/8/16: Update and STATtr@k Article

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I'm jumping back in to this blog to share an article I had the honor of writing for the ASA's STATtr@k on communicating statistical information to non-statisticians. Click here to read it. Please feel free to comment with your own thoughts on communicating statistical ideas and statistical thinking!

I have been caught in a whirlwind of activity over the past few months, including an upswing in my client work, and also I have had the opportunity to participate in a number of professional activities:

  • I participated in the AP Statistics reading during the first week of June in Kansas City. This was a unique and overall good experience for me, and I will definitely share more in a future entry.
  • I taught an accelerated introductory statistics course for students from quantitative disciplines at my former university over the summer. While it took up a lot of time (I taught every day, sometimes for two hours), I really enjoyed the chance to reconnect with intro stats. It was especially worthwhile since these students are typically the ones who turn to statisticians as collaborators while completing their own research, and I got to participate in one of their early experiences with statistics.
  • Last week (first week in August) I participated in the ASA's Joint Statistical Meetings in Chicago. I always enjoy this conference and this year was productive. I gave an invited talk on moving from consulting to collaboration in statistical practice; the slides are available here.

Things are relatively calm for the time being, and I hope to post many more blog entries soon, including some about the opportunities I mentioned above, along with entries on how I make up for the skills I don't have when it comes to running a business; business models (I've been doing my homework!); how I identify the statistical analyses that are best suited for the projects that come to me; software, which is a major topic for private consultants; marketing; the transfer of skills from the academic environment to the private one; and time management, which if you haven't guessed by this point is a continuing battle for me!

Also: please reach out to me at kim@krloveqcc.com if you'd like to comment on any of these entries, or if you have thoughts on a future topic!

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